Turning Signs

Turning Signs is a book about the meaning of life – or better, about the ecology of meaning. The life of meaning is the life of signs, or semiosis, as Charles S. Peirce called it. A turning sign is one that can turn your life in a new direction, depending on who you are at the time, and how you read the sign. But that kind of transformative sign-reading is grounded in ordinary communication, in the continuous reading of the world that we call perception, and even more deeply grounded in life itself. Turning Signs explores that grounding in common experience, drawing upon a broad range of arts, sciences and scriptures. Throughout this inquiry, the central question is: How do you mean what you read or say, or do? (Or does it all mean you?)

I’ve been working on a coherent answer to that question for 15 years, and now that it’s complete, the book is to be continued in this blog, intimologies. In other words, there are two sides to Turning Signs.

gnox and spike
photo by Pam Jackson

The front or obverse side is finished as of this date and published by gnusystems on this website, and you’re invited to begin reading with its Foresign. (You can of course make the text larger (Ctrl + with Windows, for instance) and bookmark that and the other chapters as you continue reading, if you do continue). It’s a single train of thought that has to be read in order, in order to make the sense it’s meant to make.

On the other hand, the back or reverse side of the book is neither finished nor meant to be read in a definite order. It’s to be continued in this blog, which will consist of short daily dispatches on various subjects, each one also to be patched into one of the 19 rePatches of the reverse side. You can receive the latest blog posts by email every Sunday by subscribing to gnoxic gnews weekly, which goes out every Sunday morning.[wysija_form id=”1″]

The two sides of Turning Signs (i.e. all Chapters and rePatches) are listed in the Table of Contents, and they are strongly interconnected by hyperlinks back and forth. Posts on this blog are self-contained, but some of them might mean a lot more to you after you’ve read the whole of the Obverse side. (And, who knows, maybe every sign you read will mean more to you after that!)

But no matter how far you’ve read into it, you are also invited to start or continue a conversation by adding a comment to this or any post on the blog. And when you’ve seen enough of Turning Signs to think it’s worth paying money for, you can always use the Contribute page here on the blog, which will let you choose the amount of your contribution through Paypal or a credit card.[wpecpp id=”69″ align=”right”]

In any case, i do hope you enjoy Turning Signs. After all, i wrote it for you. Thanks for being here!