Discussion groups

08d2Turning Signs was meant to be part of an ongoing dialogue. Readers of the book can join this dialogue in several ways.

A Turning Signs discussion group will meet each Wednesday evening (7 pm, starting October 19), hosted by gnusystems at the Honora Bay Free Theatre on Manitoulin Island. Each session will bring three to eight people together with the author for a conversation focused on one chapter of the book. Some participants can join this conversation remotely via Skype; contact me (Gary Fuhrman) by Skype if you’re interested in this option. All will be asked to by email, a few days in advance, to let me know whether they will attending that week. Those who have bought the book can register for the discussion group by emailing me. A separate series of gatherings may be set up for another time, if there is enough demand for it from people who can’t make the regular Wednesday night sessions.

Whether you join one of these groups or not, you can participate by reading and responding to the weekly blog posts about the chapter in focus that week. Subscribing by email to the weekly gnoxic gnews newsletter is a good way to keep track of the conversation.
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To find posts about a specific chapter of Turning Signs, and make your own comments on it, click the “Select Category” dropdown under “Subjects” on the sidebar or menu, and select the Chapter you want to comment on; you can read other people’s comments and responses there too.