about Turning Signs

As of October 2019, the main focus of this blog is the possible transition to an ecologically sound civilization which, according to the IPCC and other sources, must take place by 2030 if the inhabitants of Planet Earth are to avoid a disastrous rise in global temperature. Readers are invited to join the conversation by posting comments, or becoming co-authors (email me about that).

Turning Signs coverTurning Signs is also the title of a hypertext netbook about the ecologies of meaning, published online by gnusystems on 6 September 2015 under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The main part of it has also been published in conventional printed book format (ISBN: 978-0-9953376-0-2). For the complete netbook, the table of contents, a short introduction, and links to all sections and references are here, along with a search box for the entire book. (To search the blog only, use the search box in the sidebar.)

To order the printed book or a PDF of it, email the author.

The author of this book and this blog is Gary Fuhrman of Little Current, Ontario, Canada. His home page is here.