Study Circles

Starting in January 2023, i’m setting up a series of scheduled small-group conversations about topics explored in Turning Signs. Most of these will be Zoom sessions, given my location in the backwoods of Manitoulin Island!

There will be no charge for these sessions, but you will need to contact me in advance of the first one you choose to attend, so i can email you the Zoom link. After that, your address will be added to an email list that i’ll use to send Zoom links for future sessions. (Until you unsubscribe or ask me to take you off the list.) There will be two kinds of sessions:

  • regular ones on Saturday mornings, from 10:30 Eastern to about 11:30. These will begin with short readings (with maybe some visual aids) followed by conversations.
  • irregular ones at other times as requested by members of the study circle. (About one session every two weeks.)

This irregularity will enable those who want to study Turning Signs systematically, but can’t attend Saturday morning sessions, to participate from time to time. There’s no schedule that will fit everybody, but we’ll be reading this magnum opus of mine slowly, chapter section by section, so you can always catch up with the conversation if you fall behind.

I call this study circle a conversation, not a course, because each session is intended as an opportunity for a small group of people, maybe half a dozen or so, to voice their personal reflections (or questions) about the bit we’re reading that week and how it might relate to the unfolding of events around us in this time of global transition.

I’ll be posting the dates and times of both regular and irregular sessions on my blog, so if you don’t want to join the circle now but might sometime in the future, you can subscribe to the blog to keep in touch.