I and I

Conversation is taking turns playing First and Second (person).
A Dialog is Third: it says something that neither person could say alone.

If your reading of this text is part of a real dialog, it is not a reading of the author’s intended meaning, or of your own, but a joint reading of the world (i.e. of that face of the world which is currently in focus). A complete comprehension of the author’s intention here is of no importance; what matters is the spark of interaction between two views of a reality which is independent of both views.

We have to learn what we can, but remain mindful that our knowledge not close the circle, closing out the void, so that we forget that what we do not know remains boundless, without limit or bottom, and that what we know may have to share the quality of being known with what denies it. What is seen with one eye has no depth.

— Ursula Le Guin, Always Coming Home, 29

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