meaning cycle

… we perceive what we are adjusted for interpreting …

— Peirce, EP2:229, CP 5.185

Perception is an act of imagination based upon the available information.

— Frank H. Durgin (2002, 88)

The neural patterns and the corresponding mental images of the objects and events outside the brain are creations of the brain related to the reality that prompts their creation rather than passive mirror images reflecting that reality.

Damasio (2003, 198-9)

The world appears to us to contain objects and events. This way of looking at the world is so basic as to seem to be a consequence of the way the individual human central nervous system develops in its very early stages. Yet our stimulus world is not partitioned in this way, and certainly not uniquely partitioned in this way.

— Mark Turner (1991, 60)

Whatever we call reality, it is revealed to us only through the active construction in which we participate.

The simple fact is that no measurement, no experiment or observation is possible without a relevant theoretical framework.

— D.S. Kothari, cited in Prigogine and Stengers 1984, 293

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