‘A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house,’ said Jesus (Matthew 13:57). And as Peirce said, ‘so it is also with phenomena’: ‘most of us seem to find it difficult to recognize the greatness and wonder of things familiar to us’ (CP 5.65, EP2:158).
This year i’d like to honour some universally familiar things,
recognize the greatness of the artist
who can do that with words and other signs,
and work with the play of wonder all around us
here in our own house.
Let us not be distracted as usual
by the unusual
or the infamies of the famous.

One thought on “Phenomenal”

  1. A most excellent goal for this new year. I will try to make it my own. At the Watch Night New Year’s Eve service at Riverside Church in Harlem, that extraordinary preacher, the Rev.Dr. James Forbes, delivered a sermon not incongruent with your post today. He encouraged the members of the congregation to read Psalm 27 each day of January. So, armed with a great goal and a mighty piece of Biblical artistry, I approach the new year with hope and confidence.

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