A simple way to understand what’s happening … and what to do

We are living in transformative times. The title of this blog post is the title of an essay by Richard Heinberg which is exactly what the title says. I can’t think of anything else i’ve read that says so much that is so important right now in so few words. This is truly essential reading.

Inkling of the day, and Richard Heinberg’s

final point: life is about more than survival.

One thought on “A simple way to understand what’s happening … and what to do”

  1. Thanks for providing a link to this truly essential essay which I’ve just read. I’ve posted it to Facebook and sent it to my friend and colleague, the Dutch scholar, Aldo de Moor whom I’m sure will read it with great interest as it has direct implications for his consulting business, CommunitySense, not to mention his life.

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