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  1. Profound stuff. Especially what you linked to in TS,

    Heraclitus: Although the Logos is common, the many live as though they had a private understanding.

    GF: From a third-person, observer’s perspective, we can affirm that each individual does have a ‘private understanding,’ a first-person view. But no one develops a personality or a human consciousness, or a conscience, without engaging in authentic dialogue. Only the continuing practice of the dialogue which created the original sense of self can free us from the confines of self-interest.

    “In the experience of dialogue, there is constituted between the other person and myself a common ground; my thought and his are inter-woven into a single fabric, my words and those of my interlocutor are called forth by the state of the discussion, and they are inserted into a shared operation of which neither of us is the creator.… In the present dialogue, I am freed from myself, for the other person’s thoughts are certainly his; they are not of my making, though I do grasp them the moment they come into being, or even anticipate them.”
    — Merleau-Ponty (1945, 413)

    All of this — and more — is pertinent to the current discussion on Peirce-L.

    Thank you!

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