Chapter One, part one

On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, the first discussion group for Turning Signs met on Manitoulin Island for a conversation about the first chapter of the book. At this session in person were Heather Thoma, Patricia Mader, Veronika Bingaman, Pam Jackson, Emily Weber and the author. Paul Salanki was connected by Skype, but could only listen in, as the connection was limited to one-way audio, probably because of the satellite hookup he had to use. We’ll continue to experiment with remote links to these Wednesday-night groups.

In the meantime, anybody who’s now reading the book (either on screen or on paper) is welcome to post here any ideas inspired by (or commenting on) the first chapter. Click on “Leave a comment” at the bottom of this post. As a weekly reminder to check back on what others have said here, you could also subscribe to the our newsletter.

Klein bottleOne of the subjects that came in for some discussion this week was the overall structure of Turning Signs, with its Obverse and Reverse sides. Chapter One says that it ‘resembles a Klein bottle,’ but that may need some explanation. Fortunately i discovered a YouTube video that takes you on a visual trip through a Klein Bottle, which is probably the best way of seeing how it’s related to the metaphorical shape of the book. There’s also another YouTube video featuring Klein bottles that might be more helpful for developing your topological imagination (which is a great thing to develop, as it can take you into higher dimensions). I recommend both of them just for topological fun, if nothing else!

Now we’re all reading Chapter Two to get ready for next Wednesday night’s gathering and next Saturday’s blog post. If you’re reading this, you’re welcome to join the conversation!

Coming soon: the course and the paperbook!

08d2 Due to popular demand, i’m offering a series of seminars where readers of Turning Signs can get together in small groups to share their questions, comments and responses to it. Read all about it on the new seminar page. The first session is slated for October 13.

And by even more popular demand, i’m getting some paperback copies printed. They will cost $20 (plus shipping if necessary). Email me (or comment on this post) if you want one. It should be available in a few weeks.