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  1. Thoreau’s remark is, perhaps, something of an understatement, I think. But, yes, ‘Lookout’!

    By way of example, consider the complete eclipse of the moon yesterday which we were able to see well from the US East Coast. Several of my friends (even some in Europe where in certain areas it was also visible) took photos of the event and shared them on FB, in emails, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Here are some artsy shots, some quite extraordinary.

    That event seemed to get some of us thinking about just how minutely small we are in the universe, just how incredibly short humanity’s time on earth has been (compared to the moon’s cosmic dance around the earth and in relation to the sun), the social aspect of the event in joining many of us in contemplation of nature, how the moon might even have played a part in the beginnings of human language (my FB contribution based on Suzanne Langer’s theory), etc. One of my colleague took a fine photo of the full eclipse and superimposed a sonnet he’d composed on the event on that photo which he sent to me and which I posted on FB.

    So, yes. Look OUT!

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