2nd Edition

The revised edition of Turning Signs is now complete, all chapters and repatches online and the whole thing downloadable via the link on the front page.

I’m not sure when (or if) regular blogging will resume. My energy has been depleted by viral pneumonia for the past month. Maybe TS says everything i have to say anyway.

2 thoughts on “2nd Edition”

  1. Congratulations! You have much more to say I am certain — it’s just a matter of the media in which you want to say it. Gary on Fire Island (my phone).

  2. Thanks Gary! The version of my post that went out to subscribers said that “The revised edition of Turning Signs is *not* complete,” because i overlooked the typo before posting it. What i mean by saying it is “now complete” is that i don’t think i can improve it by further revisions of the kind i’ve made over the past year or so. (I’ll still update it to fix any typos, broken links etc. that i notice, or that readers point out to me.) So what it *means*, i.e. how readers interpret it, is out of my hands. (As it always was, but now that significant fact about signs has come home to me more strongly than before.)

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