Breaking Boundaries

Time is running out. The decade we have just stepped into – the roaring 2020s – will be decisive for humanity. It is the moment to catalyze the most remarkable transition in history to become effective stewards of Earth. The scale of the challenge is immense. In the same way that the 1960s had the moonshot, the 2020s has the Earthshot. The goal of the Earthshot is nothing less than stabilizing our planet’s life-support system. But compared with landing men on the moon, the stakes are far higher.

Johan Rockström and Owen Gaffney (2021, p.13)

This quotation is from Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet (published by DK/Penguin Random House). Netflix is currently featuring two documentary productions based on the work of these authors and their colleagues. One has the same title as the book, and can be viewed at The other is an 8-part series. Both are highly recommended and feature narration by David Attenborough. The book, of course, gives much more detailed information about the boundaries we are breaking – global heating is only one of nine – and how we could still stabilize the planet’s life-support systems, if we took the trouble to do so.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Boundaries”

  1. Yup, the evidence is clearly out there and time is running out.
    Gary, I’m not familiar with these documentaries but I’m very interested. Thank you. I’m a fan of David Attenborough.

    I came across a book, Spiritual Foundations for an Ecologically Sustainable Society by Robert White a while back. His premise, “The balance and cohesion of material and spiritual realities is implicit in approaching every question, whether it be environmental policy, agriculture, development, health or peace. A deeper understanding of current environmental dilemmas begins with the belief that all areas of human endeavour are interrelated.” This idea is reflected in the Writings of course and in Native Spirituality.
    Thanks again for keeping me informed.

    Hope things are well and you are well, Helen

    1. Thanks Helen! I’m not familiar with the Robert White book, but will put it on my list of things to check out. I’m certainly a believer in the balance and cohesion of material and spiritual realities!

  2. Hi Gary,
    I am thinking of posting the two “Breaking Boundaries” paragraphs above on Facebook. What is your opinion?


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